The Artisan Collection

Introducing our Artisan Collection, crafted with natural stones and a commitment to honoring nature, embodying harmony with the earth in every piece.

Handcrafted Artistry

Each piece is uniquely handcrafted by skilled artisans, showcasing exceptional quality and intricate designs.

Earth-Inspired Design

Inspired by the earth's landscapes, our designs offer a serene and powerful connection to natural elements.

Natural Elegance

Our collection features raw natural stones, celebrating the untouched beauty and authenticity of nature.

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Moonlit Agate Harmony Apple Watch StrapMoonlit Agate Harmony Apple Watch Strap
Tiger's Eye Radiance Apple Watch StrapTiger's Eye Radiance Apple Watch Strap
Aquamarine Jade Serenity Apple Watch StrapAquamarine Jade Serenity Apple Watch Strap
Labradorite Agate Fusion Apple Watch StrapLabradorite Agate Fusion Apple Watch Strap
Mystic Amethyst Apple Watch StrapMystic Amethyst Apple Watch Strap
Mystic Amethyst Apple Watch Strap
Sale price$76.32 CAD
Orange Symphony Apple Watch StrapOrange Symphony Apple Watch Strap
Orange Symphony Apple Watch Strap
Sale price$76.32 CAD
Agate Pearl Cascade Apple Watch StrapAgate Pearl Cascade Apple Watch Strap
Indian Agate Artisan Wrap BraceletIndian Agate Artisan Wrap Bracelet
Amazonite Pearl Essence Apple Watch StrapAmazonite Pearl Essence Apple Watch Strap
Sodalite Tranquility Apple Watch StrapSodalite Tranquility Apple Watch Strap
Sunstone Radiant Apple Watch StrapSunstone Radiant Apple Watch Strap
Mystic Amethyst Artisan Wrap BraceletMystic Amethyst Artisan Wrap Bracelet
Jade Oasis Apple Watch StrapJade Oasis Apple Watch Strap
Jade Oasis Apple Watch Strap
Sale price$76.32 CAD
Lepidolite Glow Apple Watch StrapLepidolite Glow Apple Watch Strap
Lepidolite Glow Apple Watch Strap
Sale price$76.32 CAD
Labradorite Artisan Wrap BraceletLabradorite Artisan Wrap Bracelet
Labradorite Artisan Wrap Bracelet
Sale price$67.84 CAD
White Harmony Artisan Wrap BraceletWhite Harmony Artisan Wrap Bracelet

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